Success MODs of Website development


Success MODs of Website development  by Amar Brisco.

Come join me weekly on my journey as I tell my perspective on Website Development  or small and start-up businesses. I visualized what I have discovered as a small business/start-up business owner and Website Designer | Developer.

I plan to discover with you the high and the lows of this process. More importantly though what I want you to take from this experience is what are MODs are and the three S’s of successful website development for the small and start-up business.

Finally, my goal is to make not only easier on me as the website developer but to make the experience more fun and easy for you the small | start-up business owner.

Please come back weekly and check up on my blog.

  • Stop by and comment or make suggestions on what you would like me to research.
  • What you blog about based on my experience
  • If you are in the field please feel free to share your opinion in my information sharing sessions
  • If you are a small or start-up business share your opinion or frustrations with the process

Thanks again for stopping by see again really soon.

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